Monday, 13 June 2011

Bournemouth - Results and Review!

DMC hit the sunny south coast of Bournemouth on Saturday 11th June. Saturday 11th June was a busy DMC event day worldwide, with the Danish taking place in Copenhagen and in NYC was the East Coast Regional and the Battle For Supremacy. For those results please visit

In Bournemouth we had our event with the partizan project at the Winchester. It was a great event, thanks to everyone at Partizan, fantastic promoters and very lovely people, it makes such a difference to work with professional and good people!!  1st place went to Envious Mind, Runner up – Special guest and in 3rd place DJ Endo. Thank you Bournemouth! Loved The Winchester. 

Great to see X-rated, Brent from Aquasky and Matt Small!

We have only 1 UK Regional left in Plymouth on Saturday 2nd July. If you want to enter please email 

London Heat - Results and Review!

So DMC hit the capitol of the UK on Friday. London. 10th June. Jazz Café. 

Very entertaining night. Inja our host was on top form, the crowd on form and the DJs also!
3rd place went to DJ Myme, and we had a joint 1st place. Unfortunately our third judge didn’t show at the event, so we had two World Champions judging – Cutmaster Swift and Ligone. Both World Champs went for a different DJ, so we decided to put both DJs through to the UK Final in joint 1st position. Congratulations to DJ Koncept and DJ Downlow! 

Funniest moment of the night. DJ M'otek used nunchucks in his set and as he is swinging them violently around on stage, we could see it coming but were not quick enough... They hit Cutmaster Swifts laptop, the screen went blank. Luckily the laptop is fine, but it does have a dent/war wound. 

Great to see so many of you! Shouts to Snips, Corin, Sian, Mona, Graziella, Emily, Chris P Cuts, Geri, Charley, Imogen, Tom, Debi, Martin Flex, all the Focusrite crew, my lovely friend Rupert (Bass 6), Bellatrix (The Boxettes), UK Champion DJ Jeppa and all the DJs that competed oh and the group of french beat boxers! 

London heat video highlights coming soon! 

Inja rockin our 'Hip Hop Roots' t-shirt! 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Its a London thing.... DMC Events / DMC NEW Merchandise!


Here is something we knocked up today, an idea that surfaced when I woke up at 3am. Im such a saddo!

Anyway, LONDON dates for your diary. London Heat / UK Final / World Finals. Get your tickets now! 

To purchase any tickets or any of the merchandise featured on the flyer please visit 

I have 100 Concession guest list for The DMC London heat this Friday at The Jazz Cafe. If you want to get on the cons list, send me an email with the names -

Can't wait for this weekend!

TWO UK Regionals. London Friday.... Bournemouth Saturday.... 


DMC Blackpool video highlights!

Another little video for you. Check out the winner - DJ RASP / DJ Special Guest (2nd) and Dr Weevil (3rd) at Blackpool's Syndicate. 

After two heats we have two great winners - Jon 1st and DJ Rasp. Who will be joining them at the DMC UK Final on Thursday 14th July? 

DMC hit London this Friday and Bournemouth on Saturday. Its not too late to enter!!

Email me if you would like info or interested in entering - 

See you this weekend!

Monday, 6 June 2011

It really is a DMC WORLD!!!


A very busy DMC Battle week. 4 world wide DMC events. BATTLE SEASON! Lets go.

DMC UK Regionals – Friday 10th June – London / Saturday 11th June – Bournemouth. 

DMC USA - Saturday 11th June – DMC East Coast and Battle For US Supremacy (Join the DMC USA group -!/home.php?sk=group_77036991044)
DMC Denmark - Saturday 11th June – The Danish Final in Copenhagen! 

For full information please visit –

If  you are a DJ in the UK and you would like to enter in London or Bournemouth, its not too late. Please email me – or visit the site to download the application form. 

A big thank you to our Sponsors Rane and Serato for sponsoring and supporting us! Each heat winner wins SERATO SL3, Novation Dicers and Sennheiser headphones.

Friday 10th June – LONDON
(DMC 7pm – 11pm)

The Jazz Cafe
 5 parkway Camden
 N1 7PG

Tickets -
Ticket master: 0844 847 2514
 Seetickets: 0870 060 3777
 HMV 0843 221 0100
 Restaurant: 0207 688 8899 

 Tickets £10 / £8 adv

Saturday 11th June – BOURNEMOUTH

The Winchester
 39 Poole Hill
 BH2 5PW

 Tickets available from only 100 advance £10 tickets available, includes entry to after party till 5am

 Doors open for afterparty 1130 pm £5 ticket available on the door



Dates for your diary.

Saturday 2nd July – DMC UK Regional – Plymouth (last regional)
THURSDAY 14th JULY – DMC UK Final and Battle For UK Supremacy – BUY your tickets now –ONLY £10!!
Thursday  6th October – DMC World Team Final and DMC Battle For World Supremacy
Friday 7th October – DMC World Final 2011


DMC in Blackpool!

DMC hit the seaside town of Blackpool on Friday....The sun was shining and it was boiiiiiiiiiling! Had a little stroll on the beach. 

The UK Final is certainly hotting up. Northern lad DJ Rasp unanimously won, congratulations to him! See you at the Final! Runner up went to DJ Special Guest and 3rd – Dr Weevil! 

Blackpool made me laugh for lots of reasons. The first person we stopped to ask for directions was a lad about 17, he had blood all over his face, straight out of a fight. It was 3pm in the afternoon! 

Met some lovely guys in Blackpool who came down to support the event and the scene. big up to you! 

DMC have two UK Regionals this week... London on Friday @ Jazz cafe and Bournemouth on Saturday @ The Winchester!! For full information visit

 For all the DMC Blackpool pictures please visit or visit the facebook page -


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Busy week for the DMC Team!! Blackpool, London and Bournemouth!

Busy week for DMC!

The DMC Team hit the road again tomorrow and we are off to the North West... Blackpool! I’m very excited about Blackpool... I think the last time I was there was when I was 1 or 2 years old, not that I remember! The sun will be out, will I get chance to sit on the beach for an hour? Most probably not, but I can certainly try!
We have the legend that is DJ Woody joining the DMC team tomorrow night on the judging panel, alongside DJ Ligone and Cutmaster Swift.
Get yourself down to the Syndicate on Church Street tomorrow night. Doors 10-4am. The DMC slot is 11pm – 1am, so get there early! Looking good for tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the DJs compete, obviously I can’t say who is competing, you will just have to come down! 

Next Friday (10th June) the almighty capital– LONDON @ Jazz Café. Always a very busy heat, with lots of familiar faces showing love from past DMC Champs, friends, familiar faces and judges!
Make sure you get your tickets for the Jazz Café, as it does always get busy! 

After the London heat we are off to Bournemouth on Saturday 11th June. Will I get any time in the sun? Doubt it. We will be at ‘The Winchester’ and will be having an extended after party on the south coast, so make sure you get your tickets as its limited entry –

Any DJs wishing to enter these heats can still do so! Here is the download link for the application form -  or you can email me for one

Here is a highlights video from the first regional in Leicester. Enjoy. 

Battle Season Sally.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

EXCLUSIVE Video of THREE DMC World DJ Champions!

We love a little impromptu jam don't we? 

The UK Heats kicked off last weekend in Leicester and it was a World Champ fest!
We have our reigning DMC World Champion - DJ LIGONE on tour with us this year and Leicester loved him! Cutmaster Swift and DJ Switch all in the building, showing their skills off!

Here is video footage of an impromptu scratch jam with all THREE DMC World Champions - DJ Ligone (France), DJ Switch (UK) and Cutmaster Swift (UK).

For full information on all the UK and World DMC Events visit - 



DMC - 3 x World Champ Scratch Jam

Monday, 23 May 2011

The DMC UK Tour kicks off!

Rane and Serato present 'The DMC UK DJ Championships'
What a great start to the UK Championships!! We had a great crew to work with in Leicester. Thank you Filthy Beats and thank you Superfly. Great atmosphere and vibe in Leicester. Congratulations to DJ Jon 1st for winning the Leicester DMC and Runner up Dr Weevil. Well done to Loop Skywalker for third place and Chris Groove for 4th!

The event was a World Champ fest! DJ Ligone / DJ Switch and Cutmaster Swift all under one roof, with a special jam from the champs. Keep an watch out on my blog for exclusive footage of this impromptu!

Thanks to our sponsors Rane and Serato.

Great to see Dirty Joe / DJ Angelo / the barman  and club staff who tried to persuade me to drink with the offer to supply free alcohol throughout the evening and shouts to the guy who got chucked out of the club and was trying to get back into the club outside with his top off at 5am. nice. 

Roll on the next DMC UK Regional! - Friday 3rd June – Blackpool!

For full information on all the DMC Heats visit 


Friday, 20 May 2011

Rane and Serato present 'The DMC UK Championships 2011' - LETS GO!

That time of year is back again already. How quick a year goes by. The night before the DMC UK Championships start. The calm before the storm!

Its now 2011. I’ve grown up with DMC my entire life, those of you who know my background know that my uncle is Tony Prince (Founder of DMC) and I work alongside my mother (Managing Director), Christine Prince (My aunt and president of DMC), my sister and my three cousins. DMC is my blood!

This July I will have been working full time at DMC for 13 years (that doesn’t include my teenage and childhood days at DMC).... And here I am again, ready to go on the road to find the UK’s best DJs in the search for the DMC UK Champion.

 2011 is a special year for us. We launched the DMC Online DJ Championship back in Feb/March and we proud to have Rane and Serato as our official sponsors for the traditional live events. DJs this year, for the first time in the live DMC DJ Championship are allowed to use DVS like Serato. Its a big year for DMC and I’m really excited and ready to go!

Saturday 21st May and we are off to Leicester for the first regional heat. We have performances / showcases at all the UK Heats from the reigning DMC World Champion – DJ LIGONE from France, and our DMC host – Inja will be performing cuts from his latest album ‘Inja:Maker’. I’ve had a sneak preview of this album, and boyyyyy its a good one! DMC World Champion Cutmaster Swift will also be on tour doing a set and providing music for us throughout the events.

If you are in the midlands tomorrow night, make sure you get yourself down to Superfly in Leicester to get the DMC Heats started with a bang. This is Superfly’s closing down party, so its going to go on all night, and you might see a little showcase from a 3 x DMC World Supremacy Champion too! 

The winner of each of the 5 Heats WINS a Serato SL3 / Sennheiser Headphones and a pair of Novation Dicers! Amazing prizes - thank you Rane / Serato / Sennheiser and Focusrite!

aturday 21st May
Filthy Beats and Superfly presents the DMC Midlands Heat
2 King Street
Doors 9pm - 4am

If you want to enter the DMC UK DJ Championships please email -

Lets go!